Our mission is to find and launch the leading dApps of tomorrow.

We do not need more invention - excellent teams have been inventing and building infallible infrastructures for adoption for years.

What we need are practical, enterprise and consumer-ready solutions to drive real change in our world.

Starting March 2019, we’ll run a DLT Bootcamp every month where we invite exceptional Founders with great ideas to help them launch their DLT startup in a weekend. If successful, you’ll be closing customers come Monday.

After the Bootcamp weekend, we choose the top candidates and ideas to become part of the DLT_Lab programme.

Once onboard, we invest, and support each project in an individual, tailored manner. There is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach. If you need tech built - we will build it. If you need enterprise contracts closed - we’ll sit at the table with you.

We’re here to fight alongside you, incubate you through your formation and accelerate your trajectory to impact.

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